Massage, Sønderborg, Guderup, Nordborg, Augustenborg, Fynshav, Sønderborg, Als

Longterm effects of massage

In generel massage works by:

  • Increasing bloodcirculation in the body in general
  • Increasing bloodcirculation specifically in muscles and tissue
  • Improving the absorption of nutrients in muscles and tissue
  • Removing waste and toxins, ex. (mælkesyre)
  • Increasing physical and emotional well-being

Overall massage improves the function of the body. Tensions and myoses can be relieved before they cause pain and (*låsninger). If you wish I can guide you to selftreatment of problemareas, ex. stretching exercises, acupressure point, dietary supplements, homeopathy etc. In general you can obtain:

  • Preventing stress, illness and injuries
  • Well-being and relaxation

Massage is used by many athletes as recovery and preventive treatment after training and competition as well as shortening the period after injuries.

The best effect on your health

The best health effect is obtained by receiving massage regularly – optimally 1-4 times a month, depending on your challenges.

Optionally you can buy a (10-turskort) and receive a discount of 10%. You can share the card with family and friends if you wish.
Or buy a giftcard to show you care for your loved ones.

Optimal effect

You obtain the optimal effect of the massage by drinking plenty of water, preferably up to one liter within the first hour.

After a massage it’s ideal to be able to relax for about an hour, perhaps take a nap. That’s why I have long opening hours. 

Professionel massage in your home?

Are you injured? Or busy? Or is it just nice not to have to go out the door?
Then you also have the option of massage in your own home.
I bring the massagetable and oil – and you can relax in your own home.

Massage, Sønderborg, Guderup, Nordborg, Augustenborg, Fynshav, Sønderborg, Als

Self-pampering or treatment of injuries

Massage is perfect when you just need to rest and receive. Maybe you need pure wellness with a gentle touch and essential oils? Or maybe you have a crick in the neck or an annoying sciatica?


Wellness massage is given with gentle, healing hands and essential oils according to your needs and with gentle music in the background. The massage is combined with special points that contribute to deeper calmness and relaxation. You can let peace an tranquility into your body and mind. After the massage you have the opportunity to rest and peacefully get ready to raise yourself from the massage table.
The ideal thing is to be able to take it easy for a couple of afterwards to relax and let the energy flow and settle – that’s why you can book late hours and saturdays at my place. See opening hours here (link coming up!).

Physiurgical massage

Choose physiurgical massage when you are challenged by, for example:

  • Tension headache
  • Sore and tired muscles
  • Myoses
  • Crick in the neck
  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatica
  • To improve recovery after (to much) exercise
  • Locking of joints – muscle tension can be the cause of your joints locking in e.g. neck/back/knees/shoulders and this in many cases can be remedied by massage.
  • Injuries/trauma
  • Recovery before and after training and competitions or to improve healing after injuries. 

Physiurgical massage is in-depth massage of muscles and connective tissue (tendons, muscle membranes and ligaments.

Physiurgical massage is based on the anatomical structure of the body and is a medically correct way of massaging. Professional physiurgical massage is therefore – in addition to providing well-being – an extremely suitable method to treat physical disorders in the softer parts of the musculoskeletal system.
Where necessary, physical massage is combined with acupressure (pressure on acupuncture points – no needles!) and stretching of the muscles.


Choose gate massage when you need a mix of wellness, energy balancing and healing.
Gate massage starts with light reflexology massage of your feet and is followed by very, very gentle strokes along the meridians (the body’s energy pathways) exclusively on the back of the body. Blockages in the body’s energy system are gently dissolved and provides a positive effect on both physical and emotional imbalances.
Essential oils are often part of the treatment.
Often people experience being deeply relaxed after the treatment. In some cases, you may experience cleansing symptoms such as:
  • Temporary tiredness, dizziness or nausea.
  • Possibly. tingling sensations in the body.
  • Frequent urination and defecation, possibly more smelly than normal.
  • Symptoms from illnesses may worsen briefly.

To help you heal, it is important to drink water – preferably a glass an hour.

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Are you in chronic pain?

Ved kroniske smerter som følge af fx piskesmæld, fibromyalgi, iskias eller skader i forbindelse med sport eller ulykker anbefales du en kinesiologisk konsultation for at få rettet op i dybere sammenhænge og evt. traumer. In the case of chronic pain as a result of e.g. whiplash, fibromyalgia, sciatica or injuries in connection with sports or accidents, a kinesiology consultation is recommended in order to balance and energetically repair deeper issues and possible trauma.

Read more about kinesiology here.