Healing der hjemme

Get healing – while you’re at home! It doesn’t get easier.

You get 10 minutes of healing – and can relax completely at home in the meantime.
According to your wishes and needs, I will subsequently send you recommendations for measures that support you, so that your healing proceeds, is strengthened and works as best as possible for you in the future. This is a free concise supplement that you can choose when you book.

You will be notified by email when your healing starts and ends. If you have requested suggestions for supporting measures, brief information will be sent as a recorded message via text to your phone.

Fjernhealing blidt og effektivt

The healing is for you.
If you book healing for others, you must have their acceptance, otherwise they will not receive the healing. State their name in the comment field.
Information from me is sent to the email you used for booking.

What is healing?

Healing is a holistic practice that aims to promote healing and wellbeing on physical, mental and emotional levels.
Just as light and sound are frequencies (oscillations/vibrations), healing is also frequencies. When the “frequencies” are optimal for the individual organs, the body as a whole and the energy field in and around you, the cooperation in body, mind and emotions works optimally.
For example when you feel pain, stress, low immunity, trauma, depression etc. the energy flow does not function optimally.

So healing is to heal by restoring the flow of energy to aid balance and harmony occuring in body and mind. This allows the body’s natural healing processes to proceed better.

Through a healing session you can, for example, experience increased energy, reduction of pain and discomfort, as well as emotional clarification and inner peace.


"I received distant healing from Henriette, as I have felt stuck and constantly tired for a long time. During the healing I clearly felt the energy, especially in the stomach. It is incredible that distant healing can have such a great effect! It's been a long time since I've slept so well and I now feel more energetic and motivated. It has now dawned on me that I have forgotten myself for a long time and now I want to focus more on myself, my needs and limits. I've even felt like exercising again. Thanks to Henriette for distant healing.”
Akasch Sharma

Healing er energi-arbejde.
Ligesom lys og lyd er frekvenser (svingninger/vibrationer), er healing også frekvenser.
Forskellige organer “svinger” på forskellige frekvenser. Fx svinger hjertet på ca. 69 – 75 MHz og lungerne på ca. 57 – 64 MHz.
Frekvensen er lavere ved sygdom – ved forkølelse/influenza falder svingningerne til ca. 50 – 55 MHz.
Når frekvensen er “korrekt” for det enkelte organ og for kroppen som helhed, fungerer samarbejdet optimalt.

Så healing består i at “hele” ved at genoprette flowet i energien og “regulere” frekvensen.

Hvad kan healing bl.a. bruges til?

Kan healing stå alene?

Der kan være en enkelt eller ofte flere årsager til sygdom og smerte, fx stress, dårlig ernæring, mangel på eller overdosering af vitaminer og mineraler, belastning fra tungmetaller, for lidt motion eller forkerte arbejdsstillinger osv.
Årsagerne kan også være af følelsesmæssig eller spirituel art – eller traumer.

Så hvis symptomerne primært skyldes dårlig ernæring, skal der naturligvis hen ad vejen ændres på det. Det kan imidlertid være svært at have overskud til, hvis man er lagt ned af udmattethed og smerter. Her kan healing give støtte til at finde energi og motivation til at lave små, men betydningsfulde ændringer, der så igen giver mere energi. En god cirkel kan starte med hjælp fra healing.

Er der tale om traumer eller “låste” følelser, kan healing bringe mere flow, og medvirke til at transformere til mere positive følelser.

Healing kan

Who benefits from distant healing?

In short: anyone who wants to improve health and wellbeing on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

Also, if you feel stuck (even if you have done almost everything) or do not feel that you have enough strength to move forward, healing is suitable to reduce possible blockages and inner resistance, so that it can be easier for you afterwards.

(Of course: Seek the necessary help in your immediate environment as well. Healing does not replace medical help.)

The best effect

Without food and drink, the hero will not do. Your body needs:
  • Good nutrition in the form of food and drink, to get the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are needed.
  • Daylight and fresh air.
  • Good quality air (air outside your home) and good breathing.
  • Good circulation, ie movement of the body.
  • Sleep, plenty and good quality.
The better you support your body with these things, the better your self-healing powers and the healing work and the longer the effect of the healing lasts.

Do you have questions?

Then please contact me
Kinesiolog og massør Henriette Skov

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Your consultation includes:
You receive healing while relaxing at home by yourself.
When you book, feel free to write what you want help with, e.g. physical or emotional symptoms, exam nervousness, less stress or a desire to get better at something – or just generally more energy and well-being (write in the comments field when you book).
You get 10 minutes of healing and according to your needs and wishes, I send suggestions to support your healing process.
You will receive a text on your phone when I start and finish the healing.
I appreciate your feedback after the healing 💜

Duration: 10-15 min. 💜  Price DKK 100 .
(April 2024: 100 DKK = 13,41€)

You are of course also welcome to write or call.
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Do you prefer online consultation instead?

Online consultation gives you the opportunity to ask about specific challenges, and get specific answers to your questions and guidance on how you can bring energetic balance to your body and emotions again or strengthen the energy to achieve your goals.

Online consultation is a great supplement to distant healing.

Duration: ½ hour

Price: DKK 250
(April 2024: 250 DKK = 33,52€)

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Do you prefer healing in the clinic?

(Under translation):
Healing, mens du ligger på briksen i klinikken, giver dig ro til at ligge og slappe helt af, mens du modtager dybere healing i 40-45 minutter.
Efterfølgende er der tid til at stille spørgsmål og få anbefalinger efter ønske og behov til at forbedre effekten af healingen.
Varighed: 1 time
Pris: 425 kr.
(April 2024: 425 kr. = 56,99€)

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